Story Forge Character Quick Pick “1”


This evening I wanted to try out my new Story Forge cards. So that I could try something quickly, so I laid out the cards according to the “Character Quick Pick” (good for minor characters). The flow is in the image above.  Laying down 7 cards, each card represents a characteristic of your minor character.  Cards laid down in this order help describe 1). The character’s base nature 2) The influence of the universe 3) His or her Achilles heel 4) The influence of friends or family 5) The character’s driving passion 6) The character’s destiny 7) What stands between them and their destiny.

I’m definitely still getting the hang of this – and interpreting the cards like an amateur tarot reader (and not a very good one), but it was a fun exercise.  Here are the words I drew:

1). The character’s base nature – Infidelity
2) The influence of the universe – The Secret
3) His or her Achilles heel – The Samaritan
4) The influence of friends or family – Contentment
5) The character’s driving passion – Crossroads
6) The character’s destiny – the Leech
7) What stands between them and their destiny – The Protagonist

This is what I came up with in a free write. Note – I’m still no closer to finishing my homework (which is due in two days) but these exercises are certainly fun!

Character Quick Pick #1
Jack was an philanderer of the worst sort. Some close to Jack in retrospect would claim he was a sex addict and couldn’t help himself. While in some nations infidelity was accepted in longer marriages, take the French Prime Minister and all of his mistresses for an example, in the United States, married couples were supposed to be committed to one another solely until death did them part. Because of these vows Jack had taken, he kept his infidelities as secret. He was on the road a lot due to his career as a professional athlete, so he felt it was easy enough to hide his indiscretions from his wife of five years. He kept a separate mobile phone that he used only for his many girl and boyfriends. He didn’t feel the need to limit himself to just women. When the urge struck, any fine fit striking partner would do.

Mariana, a woman he had met on the pro-circuit six years earlier was immediately intoxicating. Her caramel skin, athletically fit body with just the right curves and gorgeous ass length black hair had sucked him right in. He initially treated her like any of the other one night stands he encountered, but something about her kept him entangled in her web, and long after the 4 day event that had him in Brazil he continued to call and text her wanting to know when he could see her again. It wasn’t just her looks that drew him in, he met plenty of beautiful people in his vocation that were happy to throw themselves at him, but there was something else about this woman. She saw past his celebrity. In fact, didn’t even know who he was when he met her in the club that evening six years ago. She was a kind nurturing soul packed in a ‘ten’ package that didn’t quit. After a year courtship, all the while continuing his dalliances with others, she agreed to leave her home country and become his wife here in the United States.

After the wedding his family and friends who knew about his penchant for lots of sexual encounters while on the tour had hope that he would settle down with Mariana. They were immensely happy for them as she gave birth to their first child and then another within the first three years of marriage. They family seemed blissful. Mariana, content to raise their family in their Florida and San Diego homes, and Jack spending time with his new family when he wasn’t on the road, winning tournaments and bedding anything he could get his hands on.

Six years into his happy marriage, Jack was up to his old tricks, but becoming more and more careless with his partners. He was still keeping the relationships very covert, the cover up almost as exciting a game as the one he played in his profession. But he found himself feeling lethargic during his latest few tournaments, barely making the cuts in the first two days. Upon visiting his doctor, he found that one of his many partners had infected him with an STD. His personal doctor, who knew about his extra-curricular romantic activities, had always warned him about this happening. Jack, while normally very careful about protection, had recently thrown caution into the wind to further amp up the excitement of his flirtations, and it now was costing him.

Luckily the disease was treatable and wouldn’t cause any serious damage either physically or mentally. But it would be with him the rest of his life. He would be a carrier and symptoms could crop up at any time. This embarrassment caused Jack to take serious stock in his behavior. Not only would he now how have figure out how to protect and possibly tell his wife, with whom he was still very sexually active, but he also needed to take an honest look at his life and whether it was worth risking infecting another partner and having them somehow expose him and his deplorable behavior.

He vowed that day whilst sitting in the doctor’s office to make a change and be a better man, better husband and a better father.  Only time will tell, and very short time at that, if he can keep his promise to himself.

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