now that was awkard…

In novel writing class last night we had to read aloud our 500 words we prepared for our homework. ACK. Double ACK! So wasn’t ready to spill my beans just yet. Though, considering I used that piece as part of my “Popular Fiction” application, I hope it was okay.

I read second after my friend Rich read his piece. He’s been working on this epic fantasy novel for a while, has some 200k words socked away in bits and pieces. I was REALLY impressed with his descriptions of the environment and action in the piece that he read. Very descriptive and visually appealing (even though it was the written word). Reading and hearing mine out loud after his was truly embarrassing. Even though I didn’t mean for it to be, mine sounded YA-like in tone, after his eloquent writing.

Perhaps that is my ‘voice’, immature and simple… sigh.   Reading a couple of other pieces I’ve written for Nano, they seem similar. I’m destined to write dystopian YA novelettes.  At least there is A LOT of examples out there to read!  🙂 I spoke with a colleague today at work about his writing (he’s published a novel and has another one in the editing stages), and he we talked about ‘voice’, publishing, and his new editor (he’s very happy with her).  Fascinating business this writing stuff.   As I learn and read more about writing, I’m even more impressed with his second career as a writer.  V. cool for him.

Okay – onto the new stress!  This week’s homework assignment.  It is our last class, and our teacher is making us go out with a BANG! More writing of our ‘novel’ and reading aloud in class.  AND now that I’ve heard what other people have to offer the stakes have been raised!

1. This week’s assignment is to write another chapter from your novel.  I recommend choosing the part of the story that interests you most (such as, a key chapter in which events are approaching the climax).  Then print up some copies and bring them along to share aloud with the class.

It is on like donkey kong.  Now to come up with something I actually want to write about.

And as an aside… go HAWKS!  (it’s football season don’t you know!) I wonder if I can write a chapter WHILST watching a pre-season game… hmmmm challenges challenges.  🙂

Next entry, a new writing exercise to hopefully spark a chapter, novel idea or SOMETHING.

One response to “now that was awkard…

  1. Ha! Loved this entry. Stick with your tone, whatever it is. If sounds like YA, nothing wrong with that! Just keep it you and it’ll be perfect, as long as ots you. You are so funny, I love it.

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