52 of 52 part 3 …

26 of 52 so far!

Okay – time to give a 52 in 52 update!  First, after finishing the (slightly boring) new JK Rowling detective novel, I had a couple of plane rides coming up so went to my ‘go to’ plane books – good ole Stephanie Plum the bounty hunter.  I finished 11 and 12 in the weekend with a couple of plane rides down to LAX and back.   Always good for a laugh.  I’m sure my seat mates on the plane thought I was a little crazy with the laughing out loud moments I had.

Also – after going into the goodreads.com tool and cleaning up my reads for the year, it appears I have read 26 books this year.  That would be 26 of the 52 I’d like to read.  This gives me 26 books to read  in 22 weeks.  I’m half way through the 52 books, but over half way through the year.  Good news, I have a massive flight to and from Europe and some time in Germany coming up that will give me time to make up some more ground.

I just cracked open the last in the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I usually read these within days of them releasing, but this one is getting pretty horrible reviews, my guess is because 1) Charlaine Harris is D-O-N-E writing this series and sort of phoned this one in. 2) I think she does something fans don’t like to our beloved Sookie in the end.  And finally 3) I’ve really been put off by how wayward the show modeled after the books has gone (HBO’s True Blood) and have lost track of the path the books went vs. the show.  But, I’ve read the others, and for the most part, enjoyed them so here’s to being a completionist.

I’m also eager to start Samantha Shannon’s Bone Season (coming out 8/20 and hailed as potentially the next Harry Potter!!), Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life.  They are all loaded on my Kindle and ready to roll.  I also picked up a paperback copy of Dark Places by Gillian Flynn to read during take offs and landing (and when Kindle batteries die after an 8 hour flight).  That girl is DARK and depressing.  A few chapters in and it is disturbing, more so even than Gone Girl. yeesh.

Anywhooo, you can see I’m at least keeping up my end of the bargain from a reading perspective.  Now to get writing as well.  I STILL have to do my homework for this week (due in two days) – we again have to read in class (it’s our last class) AND I haven’t heard yet if I’ve been accepted into the Popular Fiction program.  Nail biters both!  Stay tuned.

One response to “52 of 52 part 3 …

  1. I’m excited about Samantha Shannon’s The Bone Season too!

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