By George I think she’s got it!

Cassie and Lyra at MarymoorHave I mentioned that we have two golden retrievers? They are out ‘kids’ and I am SURE that I’m one of those annoying people that talks about her dogs way too much (or in our case, we call them the ‘girls’). Anywhoo – in the summer, we try to take them to the dog park every afternoon so they can run around and swim. We have an amazing off leash grassy, acres and acres dog park at Marymoor and they L O V E it. Paul and I get a nice little walk in as well. As of late, our walks have all contained discussions about plots, set up, the hero’s journey, book writing and reading, I’m sure much to Paul’s chagrin.

He’s been trying to help me come up with plots but most of the time he would like me to either a) write a book about a golden retriever or b) write a book about a star trek character. He has good ideas, I just don’t think I can pull them off. I want HIM to write a book about a star trek character, but he is not interested in this writing thing at ALL. He even tried to make my silly sorority novelette more interesting by adding a Ted Bundy twist. 🙂

Over the past few days though I’ve been mulling around something some friends told me at dinner. Take something you LOVE and spice it up. While this is not new information, they did help me hit on some things I love. I’m going to go back to the sorority idea (I like that age and who didn’t love college!!), but add in a rock star element and Disney. What could go wrong? *smirk*

Heading to Germany later today for the week. While the week is filled with meetings, and the evenings I’m sure filled with dinners, I usually don’t sleep well on planes and abroad therefore, that leaves me lots more time to noodle through this idea. With any luck, get some writing done and flesh out the idea fully before class starts in the fall! I’m actually pretty excited about this – now I just have to focus and start writing. woot!

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