Candy Crush and other ‘mundane’ distractions

I’ll admit, I have a bit of an addictive personality. I usually dive head first into something that interests me. Take the ‘writing bug’ that I currently have (and have had for a while). I’m in love with the idea of it. I took the novel writing class this summer, participate in NaNoWriMo each year, and now have signed up for the 9 month course on writing popular fiction. I went out and purchased a bunch of tools (The Write Brain, Story Forge cards etc.) to help spur me on. I started this blog to encourage regular writing (knowing my mom is reading it. ).

candy crush

And then, an intern of ours at work did a presentation on ‘free to play video games’ and introduced me to Candy Crush. Candy Crush is this Bejeweled like hybrid that lives on Facebook and mobile devices. Apparently in Korea this ‘free’ game makes $40M a day… Anywhoo, in addition to having this addictive personality, I also can easily get distracted, and Candy Crush is bright and shiny and has been taking up a bit of my free time lately – when I should be writing. (No, I haven’t spent any money, I just used my ‘free turns’ and wait for friends to send me more. Apparently everyone I know is wasting time on this game too.). I must stop playing that stupid game. I’ve been stuck on a level for a week now and it is beyond frustrating. So many things I could be spending my time on besides this.

Writing for one. I actually have an idea that I want to flesh out before class starts in October. Figuring out my fantasy football draft choices (I’m picking fourth on Wednesday this week and that puts me in a weird spot – Jamaal Charles?! Really?) for two. Trying to finish this City of Bones: Mortal Instruments YA crapola I’m reading (hence the ‘mundane’ comment in the title – that’s what this author calls regular humans – but more on this book later in a review when I finish). How about playing a ‘real’ game – I just picked up copies of Saints Row IV, Splinter Cell, Disney Infinity and Madden 25 at work… those are fun, REAL games I could be wasting time on. Or gosh, cleaning up my garden (the tomatos are growing like mad out there)… but no, Candy Crush keeps sucking me back in. ARGH.

Perhaps tomorrow (Monday, Labor Day, day of no labor) I will set a goal not to play Candy Crush at all. That is the goal. Why not set that goal for today you ask? Well, I’ve already played five turns and am about to give it another go as soon as I hit publish. (it’s a sickness I tell you – don’t start playing!).

One response to “Candy Crush and other ‘mundane’ distractions

  1. I think that distractions are part of your DNA because I am vry good at that. The only problem at my age is when I get distracted I seem to forget what I started to do. The dusting, cleaning in general, finding the car keys and best of all reading my current best book or two. So you can see that we are bothe cut from the same cloth. Especially the reading part. I guess given time I would be taking classes as well.

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