Candy Crush Detox Day 1

I mentioned yesterday that today I was going to NOT play candy crush.  Full day – no crush!  We have loads of stuff planned for the day; 4m race this am at 9a, grocery shop after that, dog park after that, clean up yard after that, fantasy football research… etc.  Busy, busy this labor day.

That said – waking up at 5:30a is a real test.  This is our normal week day wake up time, mainly because that is when the dogs want their breakfast and when we get up to hit the gym m,w,f. But, on a day like today where we don’t have to leave the house until about 8a to get to the race down at Marymoor park, it leaves me with a little free time.

Here is the plan 1) read some email (I’m getting these great mails from writer’s digest that have little nuggets in them) 2) check out facebook – but NOT Candy Crush.  3) have breakfast and 4) start up Skyrim again.


PAX Critter no.1

P and I went to the Penny Arcade Expo yesterday (PAX for those in the know) and besides coming away with a new Star Trek Catan game (!!), and once again longing for some very expensive gaming tables, we watched the demo for Bethesda’s upcoming Elder Scrolls Online and feel we need to try and complete more of the Elder Scroll’s Skyrim before it comes out.  That’s saying something – Skyrim has over 100 hours of content and the UI is a little jenky (why we stopped playing before).


PAX Critter no. 2

You may ask yourself, as I ask myself, why not use this time to ‘write’… well first, I AM writing.  See: ‘blog’ writing.  Next, I haven’t gotten into the groove of writing or forming real thoughts this early in the morning.  I know a few published authors who use this time (some get up even earlier than me) to crank out a couple thousand words.  Not me.   I usually use this time to drink a protein shake, listen to the news (on the radio *gasp* how old school) and catch up on games I need to try out for work, whilst my brain wakes up.  That nasty nasty Candy Crush has really sidelined ‘real’ game playing.  So today – as part of the Candy Crush detox, I will play SOMETHING else this AM.


2 responses to “Candy Crush Detox Day 1

  1. Looks like you had fun at PAX, it was quite a show this year. Too crowded, but that’s usual. You working on a novel yet?

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