Candy Crush Detox Day 3


Okay – I’m on day 3 of no Candy Crush. Made it through the three day weekend. Made it through a couple days at work (but have been pretty busy, so that’s not really a surprise…I do get to play games at work, but this type of game isn’t really what I’m paid to know about). So far so good.

The next few hours will certainly be another test. We are settled in watching the opening NFL game and both of us are on our computers while watching (multitasking of course) – go Wes Welker (fantasy team WR) and Justin Tucker (fantasy kicker)!  Usually though we’re watching Red Zone so the action is non-stop.  Watching just one game can get a little boring when it’s not your team (Go HAWKS!), so I must come up with things to do to occupy my time that don’t have the words Candy or Crush in their title.

Here is my proposed list:
1) Watch the game (of course)
2) clean out my work inbox (almost done with that already – actually taking a break to write this blog – ha!)
3) read some of the other blogs and Writer’s Digest mails I have in my Hotmail account.
4) Book a hotel in NYC for our visit with friends upcoming in October (fun!)
5) Play Small World with P so he can redeem himself from last time
6) Write a book review on City of Bones: Mortal Instruments #1
7) Read these the-30-most-hilarious-autocorrect-struggles-ever (  because they are hilarious!
8) Avoid the Sugar Rush…

Wish me luck!

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