City of Bones and Young Adult misery….

Okay – as promised in blog post 20 (!! I made it to 20 yay!) – I am going to write out my thoughts on Cassandra Clare’s first book in the Mortal Instrument’s series “City of Bones”. I have been reading a lot of Young Adult books to a) get a feel for the ‘voice’ of Young Adult in the event that I move that direction with my writing and b) because I like the ease of cruising through a YA book in between the more serious books I have on my ‘to read’ list. HA!

I picked up City of Bones based on a recommendation from a few gf’s at work.  We all trade YA book reccos, and all loved the Harry Potter, Twilight (!!), Divergent and Hunger Game series.  We often hit the movies together as a ‘girls night’ wine in hand, mainly because our husband’s refuse to be subjected to the film torture.  We’re looking forward to this holiday’s next Hunger Games, and next spring’s Divergent in the theaters.   We haven’t steered each other wrong yet, so after I finished Samantha Shannon’s Bone Season, I quickly downloaded City of Bones (we wanted to make another movie date of it – even with the bad reviews of the film).


Okay – on with my thoughts.  Probably should put a *SPOILER ALERT* here if you want to read on, but haven’t read the book.  I can see why my colleagues liked it.  The paranormal world that Cassandra Clare has created right under the nose of the ‘Mundanes’ in NYC is rich and interesting.  Adding new elements than your average Were/Vamp novel, with demons and demon hunters.  That said there were things that were written into this book that seemed so ridiculous and poorly thought through that I couldn’t fully endorse (let’s be clear, I’ll still go to the movie with the ladies and drink some wine!).  Here is what I had the biggest problem with it:

  • The main character “Clary” found out within the first few pages that demos, vampires, and werewolves existed along shadow hunters to accompany them.   Her mother is kidnapped, and her house destroyed by these weird lizard critters.  Was her reaction hysterics, or bewilderment, or fascination, or terror?  newp.  She barely had a reaction, just as if these things were always around, not completely preposterous.  Problem 1 for me.  She didn’t have any reaction to this crazy new world, just transitioned from ‘mundane’ human to super hero in a matter of pages.
  • Within 24 hours of meeting the ‘love interest’ Jace in the book she was already talking about how his ‘moods’ impacted his behavior.  how the HECK would she know after less than 24 hours (most of that she was passed out/asleep due to a demo attack….).
  • The characters in general weren’t likable, or believable.  All the sudden one was gay in love with the main guy character.  All of the sudden Clary’s bff wanted to smoke and drink (and I am pretty sure they were supposed to be teenagers – and NOT that the smoking and drinking are odd for teens – but it cropped up out of nowhere, and prior to this the character seemed pretty nerdy/innocent.
  • A lot of predictable twists.  Was anyone really surprised that the big bad was this character’s true father?  I was a little surprised (and creeped out) when the ‘love interest’ was the long dead brother.  For that reason alone I MIGHT read the next book if I get desperate, but doubtful.  It would be interesting to see if they can turn off their hormones to be more brother and sister than bf and gf, or if they go Game of Thrones Cersi and Jaime on us.  (ew).
  • Lastly – I find the praise on the book cover hilarious.  “Funny, Dark, Sexy…”  It wasn’t funny- the characters were stale and not interesting at all.  The sexy parts ended up giving me the jeebies at the end due to the relationship – yick.  Dark?  okay dark.  people die and get stabbed etc and the world is a bad ass place.  Fine.

Anywhoo.  I didn’t like it very much, but didn’t want to not give up before finishing.  Glad I saw it through for the twists at the end.

Just started Odd Thomas on my husband’s insistence.  He L O V E S the Odd Thomas books and won’t read any of my other reccos until I read one of his.  So far so good.  Odd sees dead people.  🙂


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