Standing at a Great Precipice

I am at the edge of a great precipice.  I need a new book to read.  I love and loathe this moment.  I always hope that I select a book that will be awesome and entertain, awe, shock or effect me in some way.  I have several that I’ve loaded on ye ole kindle device waiting to be started.  Just what to choose.  The last book was so INTERESTING (Ocean at the End of the Lane), and before that Odd Thomas was such a nice surprise.   I have an 11.5 hour flight tomorrow which means at some point my Kindle battery will probably die.  I’ve loaded a few books in multiple locations (Kindle, laptop, and surface) so I’ll be ready to roll.

My choices are endless – which is part of the problem.  There are so many great great books.  I was reading another blog earlier today from a writer, and they recommended reading great literature every once and a while to continue to hone your own ‘voice’ with the classics.  I have a few classics loaded (Great Gatsby, Tale of Two Cities, and Call of the Wild).  I have a bunch of books from authors I’ve enjoyed in the past (More Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich, the next Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz, Red Shirts by John Scalzi, Scarlet by Marissa Meyers, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde and a few others).  And I have a few books that are new to me by recommended by others (Cloud Atlas, Life After Life).  What to choose?  I will most likely have time to read a couple of books with the downtime on the plane and at night after tackling email.     I am sort of leaning towards Jasper Fforde.  I really enjoyed the Thursday Next series – so creative and written like no other books I’d ever read, and who doesn’t like Dragons?  Neato.

I’m also bringing a paperback for take off, landings and complete battery suckage if all devices die.   For the paperback I have a creepy book by Gillian Flynn called Dark Places.  I am a few chapters in on that one, and like Gone Girl it’s giving me the eebie jeebies.  I also recently picked up a book by Pam Binder, who will be my professor this fall, called The Quest (looks like it’s about Scottish Highlanders in a mystical time… ).  Will probably bring The Quest because its slightly smaller than the Dark Places book and space/weight is a premium when  you’re carrying on a flight.   I also have the giant fall Vogue to look through and leave with the flight attendants (heck, that will take up 1.5 hours, so YAY for pretty pictures).

If all else fails, I have also downloaded the rest of the season for Continuum, 666 Park Avenue (RIP), and the latest Project Runway.  I should be able to fill up those hours with ease!!

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