Deliquency and Dragonslayers…

Okay… Japan took me DOWN.  (but was lovely and WARM WARM WARM).


Not only was I too tired to focus on reading, all of next week I felt like I was catching up on zzzzzzz and didn’t blog (though I did at least finish some books).  I am now going to write three quick reviews of these books and discuss what’s next…

Book 1) – mostly read while in Japan and on the plane to and from (when not zoning out to tv or movies)  Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich 13coverpaper

While this Stephanie Plum book was still humorous, I think I might have been too tired to truly appreciate it.  This time she was plagued by her ex-jerkasaurous husband Dickie Orr, when he is discovered missing after she threatened to kill him over a picture he had on his desk that riled her up.

Stephanie is getting braver and is taking more risks in these later books which I like. It’s not always up to Ranger or Morelli to ‘save’ her.  I like that aspect.  She is always dragging Lula or her Grandma into these scuffles as well – and they add much needed humor.

This one wasn’t a bad one – just not one of the more funny in the series.  But again, I please the jet lag fifth in the event that others found it a hoot.

Book 2) The Game On! Diet: Kick Your Friend’s Butt While Shrinking Your Own by Krista VernoffAz Fergusonbook

Hi-freaking-larious diet book.  I read this in preparation for participating with a friend and her group who use this ‘diet’ competition every other month.  It took roughly 3 hours to finish all told – v. easy reading.  Combination of random health thoughts from Az, tricks, tips, and instructions from Krista (written in a very cheeky humorous manner) and real health considerations from several different health professionals. Krista is the executive producer, former writer for Grey’s Anatomy (which I stopped watching after Denny died in the first season because it was too damn sad – and who needs to cry that much while watching TV?!!) – I did not expect her to be so funny and real.  Granted the book needed some editing, which she admits up front and she and others do let the expletives fly – but who of us that have dieted DON’T let the expletives fly when dieting…

Having had to watch my weight my whole life, what they were telling me in the book wasn’t new or surprising.  Their whole premise is more energy output (exercise) less energy input (stuffing your face).  Duh.  The cool twist though is that you group up into teams and work on beating other competing teams for the most points each week – working towards an agreed upon grand prize at the end.

The points come not just from losing weight, but sleeping well, eating well, exercising, dropping a bad habit and picking up a good habit and *gasp* no snacks except for cucumbers and celery… Each team member combines then averages their point total for the week and at the end of the month the team with the highest point total is the winner.  easy right?

Well – November is when I’m going to give it a try with an experienced group of ladies that compete every other month and usually have great success.  Can’t wait to see how it goes.  I do like competitions team and individual.

Book 3) The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde


The Last Dragonslayer was so so delightful.  I read several of Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series about 6 years ago and really enjoyed them, but after the third book needed a break from his fantastical literary world.  Literally a literary world – everything revolved around books and literature.  Instead of sports figures and rock stars being idolized authors and librarians were the tops.  I recommend his Thursday Next books for sure and do want to read the rest of the series at some point.

I actually downloaded this book after I saw a pop up ad on this very Good Reads page.  Go figure – it’s starting to figure me out.  When I saw it was Fforde, and read a few solid reviews I gave it a try.  Once you get back into his quirky (or quarky shall I say…) writing style it was a fun little story.  So imaginative and fun!  I can’t wait to read the next one.

I can’t tell if this is a YA book or an adult book.  It’s heroine is an almost 16 yo girl, which generally tells you that it’s written for a younger set, but Jasper writes with such complex prose that I would think my 8 yo cousin would get a bit more lost in these than he does with the Harry Potter novels.  But who knows, maybe I’m just getting dumber… 🙂 I recommended it to him nonetheless – he is a SMART kid.  All is well though – super cute little book.  QUARK!

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Kathy has
read 34 books toward her goal of 52 books.

So – three books in two weeks.  Did that catch me up on my quest to read 52 in 52?  hmmmmm maybe not, according to my handy little widget I’m 10% or 5 books behind in my quest.  EEK.  I have (yet) another plane ride coming up, to NYC this time.  Should be able to stay awake and focused the whole time, plus I’m flying Alaska and I’m pretty sure they make you purchase their video gadgets to watch movies, which I won’t be doing – so it’s all reading (and perhaps a FEW episodes of Person of Interest on my surface!).  Just started the second Odd Thomas book, and will move onto the paperback by Pam Binder (my professor for my upcoming UW class).  I’m a little nervous to read it – what if I don’t like it?  Will I think differently about her as a professor?  For 9 months??  We’ll see.  She does have several published books -so that is definitely saying something!

Writing class at the  University of Washington (4-0 go DAWGS!) begins next Wednesday – very exciting!!!

3 responses to “Deliquency and Dragonslayers…

  1. I love the cover of The Last Dragonslayer! I’ll have to check it out..

  2. Peggy J. Minnich

    I tried to find Pam Binder’s at Amazon but they didn’t have it. Sounded like my kind of book. You should look at Galbadon’s series on time travel. Beginning in Scotland and traveling to USA at the time of the American Rev. is just beginning. They were good.

    • Mom – I have the first two and will pass them to you when I’m finished (hopefully the first before the class starts next Wednesday). They do seem to be right up your alley! 🙂

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