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52 in 52!

Okay – let’s talk about my little 52 in 52 project. I was perusing some of the writers boards looking for more examples/information of THJ and stumbled across this challenge that was given on the forums from one reader to his peers. That challenge was to read 52 books in 52 weeks.

The feedback on the boards was that this challenge was certainly demanding, but I thought doable. Looking back at the rate I was reading books over the past few months I had read 10, which is on pace for 52 in 52. (Wild from lost to found on the Pacific Coast Trail, Divergent, Insurgent, The Fifth Wave, The Old Man’s War, 10 Big Ones, Eleven On Top, Reconstructing Amelia, Where Did You Go Bernadette?, Crazy Rich Asians, and Cinder). Granted, several of the books were super easy YA ‘novels’ and a couple of Stephanie Plum Bounty Hunter books – but I figured, I could keep the pace and throw in some real literature in between the airplane/vacation brain candy.

So I started my 52 in 52 endeavor with the latest JK Rowling thriller, written under the nom de plum Robert Galbraith. JK is sort of my idol. She started with the Harry Potter idea while on a delayed train with little formal writing education and living on welfare. She submitted her manuscript to 12 publishing houses, all of which rejected her, until she found a publisher who was interested in her story, because his daughter read her first chapter and immediately demanded the next. They gave her a small advance to keep going. After five years, she was a multimillionaire, and eventually became one of the most influential people in the world and richest people in the UK – impressive. Plus, she wrote some of my favorite books 🙂 ).

Anywhooo – The Cuckoo’s Calling is much different than the Harry Potter series. Not to say it’s bad, just not as supernaturally gripping as the latter series. This story is about a down and out detective with a temp assistant who would love to be a detective, investigating a childhood friend’s famous sister’s death. The death of his sister was ruled a suicide, but the brother doesn’t believe it, hence the hiring of the private det. I am about 20% in and will keep going.  Love all the British terms in the book (rubbish, pence, flat, tube, etc.), though it does slow down the reading to make sure I’m envisioning the scene correctly.  My dad is reading the book as well – so it is fun to compare notes.  Also, It’s been a while since I’ve read a ‘serious’ detective novel, so reading this genre is good for my learning about prose, construction and how a detective thriller fits with THJ.

To keep up with my 52 in 52 I need to finish up this week. I do have several plane trips upcoming though to catch up if need to make up some time if this novel takes me a bit longer than a week to read.  On to reading…